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    "To provide first-class treatment to first-class talents" is the tenet of sanlian Sheng stock compensation policy. Therefore, the company keeps paying attention to the changes of the salary situation in the same industry, and implements a scientific and fair salary management mechanism within the company, so that employees with excellent performance can get the corresponding rewards.


    1. Basic salary (¥2360) + overtime pay (¥20.11/ hour on weekdays) + overtime pay (¥26.82/ hour on weekends)
    2.Others: Full attendance award ¥60+ night shift subsidy ¥20/ day + conjoined service subsidy ¥5/ day + special post ¥300-2000/ month + Excellent employee award + length of service Award ¥100/ month (¥100/ month for full 1 year and so on) + monthly meal allowance ¥600 after probation, monthly comprehensive salary ¥5,500-7,000 / month.


    1.Purchase six insurances (social security plus commercial insurance) and one housing fund (housing accumulation fund) for employees after entering the company;
    2.During the working period, the company provides accommodation for free. Each dormitory has two independent toilets and water heater, and the dormitory is managed by a special person.
    3.There are also holiday benefits, irregular staff dinners, and colorful staff birthday parties every month.
    4.The company will organize employees' travel and outdoor activities irregularly every year;

    A vacation

    Employees of sanliansheng Co., Ltd. are entitled to annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, national statutory holidays and rest days according to law.