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    Number of equipment engineers wanted, salary interview, benefits: including five social insurance and one housing fund, dormitory

    Telephone:0755-29373188    Mr. Liao: 13609623466
    The company's web site:www.northforkloghomes.com
    Address: Floor 3, Building B, Huilongda Industrial Park factory building, Shuitian Community, Shiyan Street (No. 2 Elevator Interview)

    Post the name Recruiting numbers As of the date Responsibility Qualification Operation
    Sewing worker
    For 100 people Perennial effective 1. Completed the production tasks on time and in accordance with the requirements of the workshop supervisor, and completed the production tasks of the day and month;
    2. Responsible for filling in all kinds of statements and keeping clean records;
    3. Responsible for cleaning and daily maintenance of the machine in this process.
    4. Responsible for the response of the workshop site and equipment abnormalities.
    5. Obey the arrangement of leaders and complete the technical learning tasks outside the post;
    6. Complete the temporary work assigned by the leader.
    1. Above 18 years old, below 40 years old, junior middle school or above;
    2. More than 1 year working experience in a manufacturing enterprise; Amateurs may also;
    3. Production line working experience in electronics industry is preferred;
    4. Hardworking and responsible.
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    Test engineer
    For 10 people Perennial effective 1.Responsible for the establishment and verification of electronic component test program;
    2.Cooperate with supervisor to monitor product quality and production efficiency;
    3.Cooperate with the analysis of product failure and application promotion;
    1.Basic knowledge of electronic technology, familiar with all kinds of semiconductor electronic components (diode, transistor, op-amp, etc.), understand their parameter characteristics, specification requirements and testing principles;
    2.Familiar with computer programming, have C application foundation;
    3.Have a clear mind, quick thinking and be diligent in doing things;
    4.Experience in electronic schematic diagram and circuit board drawing is preferred;
    5.Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electrical automation, electronic technology and application;
    6.Good team spirit, obedient to management, able to complete tasks as required by leaders;
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